Ceam Amadeo Spa, the dream to improve steadily, since 1962.

Ceam Amadeo Spa, born in 1962, thanks to the pushing curiosity of Celesteantonio Amadeo that, throwing out the cow from the family stable, placed the first machine for metallic manufactures, creating a vital link in the chain that forms the classy furniture industrial district of Lombardy.

Following market trends, first Italian, then European and later worldwide, Ceam has grown year after year, specializing in the production of concealed hinges for cabinets, tables, and doors, besides other metallic components for furniture making.

Today the second generation, the enthusiasm of Marina and the balance of Davide, drive the business in a natural growth path. They take care of the news keeping the traditions alive, in constant relationship with customers that consider Ceam a reliable and innovative reference point.

Flagship is the adjustable hinges series called S.T.A.R.S. (sistema a tre assi regolabili singolarmente) which, in the early 2000s, took an important aesthetic and technological innovation in the door industry.

Ceam and its entire staff is very proud to bring in all five continents, a product typically and exclusively “Made in Italy”, synonymous of design, quality and reliability.

Our Mission

Thinking, engineering and producing an artefact of value, aesthetically beautiful, which reflects the quality of Made in Italy using the best raw materials shaped by the most advanced technologies.

Our Vision

We have the ambition to be the point of reference in our sector for knowledge and excellence typical of Italian products. A reactive, elastic and innovative company that strives to offer quality products in order to grow and become leaders of the premium market.

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See our products