Concealed hinges for furniture

Particularly suitable for the realization of extendable tables, doors of a wide range of furniture with fold out or lateral openings and other specific technical applications. The hinges, made of steel, stainless steel and zinc alloy, brass, brass and zinc alloy are made in different finishes: brass-plated, nickel-plated, bronzed, burnished or chrome-plated zinc.

Joints and bushes

Shelves supports are furnishing for streamlining your space

Opening systems

Items in the category "Opening systems" are solid construction, precise movements, care for style and design, these articles are utilised in the movements of vertical opening doors, top-down or bottom-up flap doors. Mercury for vertical opening of folding doors Braking joint for top-down or bottom-up flap doors opening Gas struts for top-down or bottom-up doors This series of articles is suitable for both timber and aluminium doors


Furnishing for streamlining your space