1430, discover Ceam hinge for high-end interior doors

As a result of the evolution of the STARS range, the new adjustable model 1430 stands out in its market segment for its minimalist and elegant design, for the attention to materials and technical details, for a variety of detailed finishes with an always attentive eye to all market trends. There are 12 colours always available, but for specific Contract, we do not set limits to the imagination of our customers with a wide range of customized finishes.

The 1430 concealed hinge will add value to the doors in which it will be installed, further enriching the quality of your ambience.

If we talk about versatility, 1430 remains the protagonist. The reduced dimensions allow installing hinges and doors really quick and safe on door thicknesses starting from 28 mm. The depth of only 21mm, symmetrically both in the frame and in the panel, facilitates the preparation of the milling and make the hinge suitable for several types of installation: no matter you have a flush-mounted application, or with a trim, no matter aluminum, wood or steel jambs…. 1430 is often the best solution.

Last but not least, the new rotation, sliding and adjustment systems set up an internal milling space of up to 6 mm offering all installers the peace of mind of working safely. All these technical features in one, elegant hinge… that’s why we like to define 1430 the most versatile solution in the market.

As a result of long technical and material researches, Ceam offers a compact but at the same time solid hinge, guaranteeing the European safety standard of over 200,000 operating cycles for doors up to 60 kg in weight.

Watch the installation and adjustment video.

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