Hinges, our world.


The hinge is the fixing and linking element between the leaf and the door frame. It allows the door to open up revealing our environments and to close down giving that precious privacy we need. It must be mechanically suitable and reliable to allow the safe movement of the door during its entire function.

Hinge is also the pivot pin of the door. The movement should be smooth, quiet and safe. The functionality must be guaranteed in the long term, well beyond the normal warranties terms.


Imagine your house, would you change hinges every 2-3 years?

Or imagine any public building: a municipal office, a hospital, a motorway bar, the bathroom of an airport where the number of openings is incalculable and the forces applied by the people are very different. A child with her teddy bear in hand, rather than a Manager with its load of stress.. they transmit various tensions on the hinge.

Beyond the practical side, nowadays the door has become a fundamental element of design and consequently, also the hinge becomes a precious non secondary factor, in order to create more and more sophisticated and elegant environments.

Architects, builders but also the conscious end users today are accustomed to looking for materials, finishes, reliability, placement and number of hinges to be installed, to make the finished product a true excellence.


No matter if you prefer a flush door, a traditional one, a glass door or if you love claddings, Ceam always offers the invisible solution and a wide range of hinges with adjustment in three dimensions to keep your opening always perfectly centered ensuring beauty and functionality .