Ceam at Architect@Work for the launch of the new hinge model 1430

Ceam Amadeo Spa, choose the Architect @ work, the architecture and design fair held in Milan on 13 and 14 November 2019, for the release of the new invisible hinge model 1430 for high-end interior doors.

A hinge model that really required a long period of study, testing and optimization but which led to the evolution of the hinge of the S.T.A.R.S. series, the top line of the Ceam range consisting of invisible hinges for doors with adjustment on the 3 axes.

The new model stands out in its segment for the quality of materials and finishes, for its minimal design and attention to detail that will add value to the doors on which it will be housed and to the environment that they will enrich. The small dimensions allow the hinge to be conveniently installed on thicknesses starting from 28mm. The extremely reduced groove depth, symmetrically 21mm on the door and frame, will speed up the processing.

Thanks to the solidity and durability-tested for over 200,000 cycles, 1430 lends itself to the most varied uses, winking at the world of architecture with the elegance of its 11 splendid galvanized finishes.

To see more technical details of the hinge visit the dedicated page on our website.